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Hapkido is a Korean art of self-defense. With a lineage traced from Taekkyon, and  Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujitsu, Hapkido teaches an extensive arsenal of joint-locks, throws, kicks and strikes offering an extremely affective combatives style of personal self-defense.

In addition to a "hand-to-hand" style of self-defense, the Hapkido curriculum also teaches short stick, long stick, cane, and rope self-defense. The result is a practical weapons curriculum that prepares the student for real world self protection.

Hapkido training is extensively partner driven with most classes focusing on the exploration of footwork, offensive and defensive techniques and weapons through partner drills. As the student develops and understanding of techniques and a corresponding skill level, he/she will progress through the gup ranks culminating in a black belt. For the average student, 4 years of continuous training is necessary to qualify for black belt candidacy.

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