Chosen Martial Arts Academy

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program offers age appropriate martial arts training for children ages 3-5. Children in this program learn refine their basic motor skills, review counting, learn self-control, respect for authority and others, the value and reward of working toward a goal and the life skills to be a quality son or daughter, student and member of society, while learning the foundational skills necessary to advance to our traditional youth Tang Soo Do program.

Each Little Dragon class is taught by specially trained adult instructors, who have passed rigorous background checks. 

Each class is taught in a fun, friendly manner and contains a "mat chat" to help the students learn important life skills. Classes are 30 minutes long, fun filled and fast paced. 

Students learn and progress at a pace appropriate for their individual needs, maturity and physical fitness. Regular rewards and used to motivate students and to help them perform at their very best.
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