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Tang Soo Do

What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean karate that was highly influenced by Taekkyeon, Chinese Martial Arts, and Shotokan Karate. As a traditional system it uses traditional practices and principles to teach personal development and self-defense.

Tang Soo Do uses hard and soft movements, linear and circular parries, attacks and footwork, hyung (kata), individual line drills, partner drills, and sparring to teach the wide range of techniques and principles Tang Soo Do offers.

How will I learn Tang Soo Do?

Students of Tang Soo Do who train at CMAA learn at their own pace with individual attention given to them by our internationally certified staff of instructors. Students participate in a variety of lessons that range from individual training, group hyung (an ancient type of shadow boxing used to increase balance, stamina, strength and technique), partner drills, and line group line drills.

How long will it take me to earn a black belt?

For the average student, a black belt is earned in 4-5 years of continuous training. However, the actual time necessary to earn a black belt is affected by age, physical conditioning, prior experience and willingness to work hard to master the material required for each rank.

The curriculum used at CMAA has 10 gup (student) ranks; five colored belts and five stripes earned, one at each colored belt. Additionally each student will train as a Cho Dan Bo (candidate for black belt) for a minimum of 1 year preparing for his/her black belt test.

All ranks are certified by the World Tang Soo Do Association, the largest and most respected traditional Tang Soo Do organizing body in the world. This certification allows students to visit and train member schools and to transfer between schools with ease when necessary.

What will I learn from Tang Soo Do?

Every student of Tang Soo Do will learn self-confidence, respect, self-control, a healthy lifestyle, and tools for self-protection. 

Tang Soo Do has a proven history as a system of self-defense. Students will learn a highly effective striking art that uses feet, shins, knees, hands, and elbows as tools of self-protections. In addition, students will learn basic grappling for defense against attacks from the front, side, rear, while standing, seated or lying. Along with with physical tools for self-defense, life skills of awareness, verbal de-escalation are taught, practical self-defense are taught. 

In the end, a student of Tang Soo Do at Chosen Martial Arts Academy will how to confidently navigate society, recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations and if those situations demand, he/she will have the skills necessary to deliver themselves and their loved ones safely home.

Will I receive any weapons training in Tang Soo Do?

As a student progresses and when appropriate for age, a student will learn the staff, knife, sword, short stick, and flexible weapons. All weapons instruction is over seen by a WTSDA certified black belt. All weapons used in training are safe, non-sharpened, practice tools. 

What will I get out of Tang Soo Do training?

You will grow in confidence, self-control, humility, respect and self-discipline. You will become more healthy and strong. You will gain the tools for confident and save living in a dangerous society. AND you will gain many new friends at CMAA!
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